number Date Shower Thought Provider
032 01/25/2016 Being an adult is about learning to pretend you don't hate everybody that you really do. Rich in Denver
031 01/25/2016 My standard of living is far greater than that of a king in medieval times. Rich in Denver
030 01/25/2016 Being the mom of a teen daughter has shown me what it is like to be a boyfriend or a husband. "What's wrong?" "Nothing, I'm fine." "Are you sure?" "Yes, gah!" I know she's not fine. Rich in Denver
029 01/25/2016 We need to increase space funding. Muffins made in space could float in the middle of an oven and be spheres, entirely muffin-top consistency. Rich in Denver
028 01/25/2016 Children have a name for STDs; Cooties. Rich in Denver
027 01/25/2016 Chewing mashed potatoes is kind of pointless, but the thought of just putting them in my mouth and swallowing is impossible. Rich in Denver
026 01/25/2016 Sleeping in an extra 30 minutes is amazing, but going to bed 30 minutes early is not. Rich in Denver
025 01/25/2016 A bowling alley is the only place you will see an older person explaining the computer to a younger person. Rich in Denver
024 01/18/2016 I should have grown my hair really long when I was in my 20s, then cut it off and saved it for use in creating a custom hair piece, now that I am older and bald. Rich in Denver
023 01/18/2016 Having a loose tooth is exciting when you are a kid, but terrifying when you are an adult. Rich in Denver
022 01/18/2016 Porn sites should have a category of "the man is silent." Vince
021 01/18/2016 Social media has made it possible for me to get drunk home alone, and still publicly make an ass of myself. Rich in Denver
020 01/18/2016 Pac Man was trapped in a maze of pill addiction, trying to outrun his demons before his lifestyle caught up to him. Rich in Denver
019 01/18/2016 Driving tests should include jumping a car, changing a tire, and checking basic fluids. Rich in Denver
018 01/18/2016 The computer you are using is the product of a long series of tools making newer tools that go back to a caveman using a rock. Rich in Denver
017 01/18/2016 Kindergarten teachers are probably the best captcha solvers. Rich in Denver
016 01/18/2016 A stonemason just wrapped up 6 hours of work at my house. It cost me $1500. I went to college. I make $17 an hour. We were tricked in to "college is a better life". Rich in Denver
015 01/18/2016 Why children don't enjoy beer. Because they haven't reached the point in life where life is more bitter than their drink. Rich in Denver
014 01/11/2016 If I die, and my life flashed before my eyes, a good portion of it will be looking for my phone and letting my dog in and out. Rich in Denver
013 01/11/2016 When I was younger, my mom hated when I sat around on my butt all day long. Now she's proud that I'm doing it in a cubicle. Rich in Denver
012 01/11/2016 I wonder what the cliche tragedy will be in movies when a cure for cancer is found. Rich in Denver
011 01/11/2016 Pulled hamstrings sound delicious if you don't know who they are. Rich in Denver
010 01/11/2016 If she wasn't famous, Oprah would be one just of those Facebook moms who fall for fake news stories, clickbait, and trolls. Rich in Denver
009 01/11/2016 I wonder how many parents won't use my first name when naming their children because they knew me. Rich in Denver
008 01/11/2016 Thousands of years ago, vegetarians were just "bad hunters". Rich in Denver
007 01/11/2016 "Sticks and stones will break my bones, and words will always offend me" must be the rhyme being taught to kids nowadays. Rich in Denver
006 01/04/2016 Unless life also gives you sugar and water, your lemonade is going to suck. Rich in Denver
005 01/04/2016 If you say you are in the top five, you are fourth or fifth. If you are in position three or higher, you would say "top three." Rich in Denver
004 01/04/2016 I wonder what baby names were considered trashy in the middle ages. Rich in Denver
003 01/04/2016 Your birth certificate is also your first eviction notice. Rich in Denver
002 01/04/2016 I don't appreciate the time when I don't have a cold nearly as much as I should. Rich in Denver
001 01/04/2016 The 21st Century is 15% over. Rich in Denver