This is the entire point of this wiki.  The A&G show is so full of jokes that new people won't understand why their friends are laughing so hard throughout the entire show.  Many times, I have had to tell my wife, "It's just A&G" when she asks why I am laughing, because explaining the backstory would take too long.


  1. Vince as The Asian.  - Vince is half Asian and half Italian, so he gets to ride the racist desk.  Vince can say things that no one else can say, since he can't be racist.
  2. Racism and people who can't be racist. - If you are a minority, you can't be racist.  By definition, Vince is the only one who cannot be racist.
  3. Marshall's racial identity. - Marshall is a Finno-Ubrick TODO: check spelling on that, and he trots it out whenever he can.
  4. Jack's birthplace - Huron, SD
  5. JG hometown - Chicago, Ill
  6. JG childhood - JG played golf and baseball in high school.
  7. JG golf - JG is still addicted to golf.
  8. JA hometown - Somewhere, KS (TODO: Salina?)
  9. Transition music - Russian Trololo video TODO: Should we upload our own media to YouTube to our own channel?
  10. Michael - no one knows anything about his personal life.
  11. JA wife - Laura
  12. JA first son - Sam (Sam the Clam, because he is as cool as a clam)
  13. JA second son - TODO: I forget
  14. "Knocking the Cheerios out of the mouths of my children." - JA, when describing what you are doing when you are listening to the podcasts.
  15. Sports talk radio - The lowest form of communication known to mankind.
  16. JG: What is my hallmark?  Vince: Berating the staff.
  17. Vince losing weight - Vince was 370, has lost over 145 pounds as of 9/24/2013.
  18. x hour work day - The whole "three hour work day" vs. "four hour work day" thing is totally a reference to how many hours they actually work every day.  JA gets up at 2am and watches multiple morning shows from the east coast.  JG stays up late each night and reads the emails.
  19. JA won't read email, it messes him up, and he can't keep the haters separate.  JG reads all of the email for mailbag.
  20. Tweet / text line.  JA reads the text line and the tweet line.
  21. Twitter followers - JA is obsessed with getting a 'k' after their twitter follower count.


  1. Old transition music - They used to use the Gilbert O'Sullivan song Alone Again, Naturally , but it was a really jaunty instrumental version.  TODO: Should we make an AandGShowWiki YouTube account, and mirror the media there?  This went away one day when Dominick told Vince "Don't you know that's suicide music?" and "Dominick'd" (sort of got excited) about the song.
  2. Freak talking about health food.  - The old producer Scott ran in long distance races.  Things like 50 mile races or longer.  This earned him the nickname "The Freak".  He bugged the staff about health food and whatnot.  Thus the rule, "The Freak _cannot_ talk about health."  Generalized, anyone who is super into something isn't allowed to bug the staff about that thing.  See Jack and Alcohol, Marshall and smoking, Vince and weight loss.
  3. TODO: I thought there was another transition music a while back.
  4. Jack Junior - This is the fake son that JA made up when he needed to explain how he was going to raise his own children.  ~~ "All I know is that I am going to homeschool Jack Junior, and not let him out of the house until he is 30."
  5. JA golf - JA used to play golf in high school, was probably pretty good at it.  He gave it up during one of his "Sports are a waste of time" phases.
  6. JG: What is my hallmark?  Being able to see into the hearts and minds of America.
  7. JA being super late - JA used to be super late all of the time.  He would only call in during his drive to the office to do the show opener.  It was so funny to hear his self loathing over the phone, over the wind noise, as he tried to do the show and beat himself up at the same time.
  8. The White Board - JA and JG used to write down things to remember on The White Board
  9. JA paying for being late - JA was so late, and couldn't break himself of the habit, that he started punishing himself with a $100 fine for everytime that he was late, to be recorded on The White Board.  He was going to use this money to throw a party for the staff.  IIRC, this was up to at least $700 when the end of the year happened, and things were forgotten.