This is a list of the staff, their positions, and how they are announced at the beginning of the show. Current:

  1. Jack Armstrong (co-host)
    1. White Lightning
    2. Flash
    • These nicknames were given to him by Joe, back when he was late to work all the time.
  2. Joe Getty (co-host)
  3. Vincent Nicholas (producer)
    1. Funniest man in the room
  4. Sean
    1. PS, Positive Sean
  5. Michael (board operator, engineer)
    1. Michaelangelo
    2. Presses buttons, flips leevers.
  6. Marshall Phillips (News man)
    1. "with the news"


  1. Dominick Brascia (producer)
    1. Star of Friday the Thirteenth, Part Five
    2. Moved on to do his own show -
  2. Jamie Coffee (News woman)
  3. Scott (producer)
    1. Hollywood good looks, yet so down to earth